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National Science Day, by the Taicang City Market Supervision and Administration, Taicang City Institute of special equipment organized by the "elevator safety knowledge into the community" popular science campaign series kicked off for the general public to bring a safety knowledge of elevator feast.

September 12 Meiyuan community to carry out "elevator safety knowledge into the community" promotional activities

With the increasing number of high-rise residential buildings in our city, the number of elevators is increasing. Elevator for the convenience of our lives at the same time, security incidents have occurred, the elevator safe operation of the public to become one of the hot topics of concern. In order to further improve the work of elevator safety knowledge, Taicang City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Taicang City Special Equipment Society for the use of the city's actual situation, respectively, in the Meiyuan community, the mountain community, science and education community community to carry out "elevator safety knowledge Into the community "popular science campaign, nearly a thousand community residents to participate in the event.

September 14, mountain community "elevator safety knowledge into the community" promotional activities

Innovation highlights: popular science display panels

Activities at the scene, learn to "play a film, show eight boards, release publicity list" and on-site to explain, etc., vividly to the masses of people to promote elevator safety knowledge for the residents Q & A doubts. The event was welcomed by the community residents, the community elderly, children and young people have come to the scene, in front of the voice display panels to watch, listen carefully to understand the elevator safety knowledge. Who lives in the plum community Jiangnan district of aunt is very emotion to say that she lives in the district's 16th floor, dealing with the elevator every day, so the safety of the elevator special attention. The activities of the Market Supervisory Authority and the Municipal Specialty Equipment Institute are very timely and are really what the residents think, and it is meaningful for the residents to use the basic knowledge of the elevator and how to get rid of the elevator failure. Aunt also picked up the hands of the camera, very carefully captured each of the panels, intends to take home on the computer and then carefully study carefully. Community children are also eager to learn, the popular science show panels have a strong interest, pulling parents to concentrate on watching and listening, and carefully learn elevator safety knowledge.

Watch video clips

Video clip live scene full of people, we concentrate on watching, the residents were shocked by the shock of the elevator accident shocked by the elevator all kinds of escape methods are attracted by the strong visual effects of infection. School community, many residents said that the usual safe use of the elevator really do not pay attention to safety awareness is not high, this time after reading the video clip after the safe use of the elevator have in-depth understanding of the great harvest.

Site publicity materials

Site staff to send promotional materials unusually busy, many residents take the initiative to obtain promotional materials.弇 mountain community, aunt while watching the information side of the said every day to take the elevator to go out to worry about which day trapped do not know how to do, and now read this information, learned a lot of self-help escape the method, after the elevator So much more peace of mind. Explain the staff with the actual situation, the scene for the residents to explain the correct use of the elevator method, from time to time to give you all kinds of questions to give patience to answer, so that residents are satisfied and return.

Society staff to explain the scene for the residents

The "elevator safety knowledge into the community" popular science campaign, has been the strong support of the three communities, residents are enthusiastic participation, and truly enjoy a "popular science meal", we have for this event point of praise. Activities to effectively improve the safety of the residents of the safety awareness, self-protection and awareness of the safety of the elevator, the residents reacted enthusiastically, good publicity. City special equipment society will continue to deepen the township and community science popular series of publicity, so that more people to share elevator safety knowledge of the "popular science feast", and gradually formed the general public attention, support, participate in elevator safety atmosphere.

Learn to prepare day and night fighting

The campaign can be carried out smoothly and received good results, thanks to the city of special equipment to carefully prepared and innovative. In order to enhance the safety of the elevator use of publicity, learn to organize relevant experts, after half a month of fighting day and night, successfully produced a video short film, R & D produced a set of voice panels, printed thousands of promotional materials. During the period, the Institute invited the market bureau leaders and expert advisers to come to observe the guidance, and get everyone's praise. Popular science show board is the innovation of the school highlights, is carefully developed by the successful new science projects, the use of text, pictures and voice combination of the model, each panel with real-time voice playback, the audience just press the upper right corner of the "voice play button" You can play, to achieve while watching, to achieve a good publicity effect of science. This innovative model in the form of vector and propaganda, through the intuitive, novel, interesting form, the boring elevator knowledge with vivid illustrations and popular language show, so that everyone can more easily learn and master the correct The method of walking.



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