2016 "Quality Month" elevator safety week theme event held in Lanzhou (Figure)

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In order to further improve the elevator use units, maintenance units and the majority of users of the security awareness, through the broad masses of people popularize elevator safety knowledge, establish elevator safety awareness, to ensure that the elevator (elevator) The use of security, to create a "safe ride, civilized ride" a good atmosphere. 26 afternoon, Gansu Province, Quality and Technical Supervision, Lanzhou City, jointly organized by the Quality and Technical Supervision to "elevator safety you and I have the responsibility to take the ladder to hand in hand" as the theme of "2016 quality monthly elevator safety week" theme publicity activities.

According to Gansu Province, Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of special equipment, deputy director of Liu Shidong introduced the current Gansu Province, the elevator is the amount of 46,000, compared with last year, an increase of 34% in the country's fastest growing. In particular, nearly two years, the Gansu Provincial Government, Gansu Province Quality and Technical Supervision on the elevator quality and safety work pay special attention to the arrangements for the deployment of the "elevator battle", the province's elevator to pull the network type investigation last year, the quality of the elevator Hidden danger of more than 5,000 places. By the end of 2015, the rectification rate reached about 96%, part of the elevator due to the use of time is too long, rectification is difficult, has been stopped running. "From the current situation of the overall elevator in Gansu Province, the effect of remediation is still relatively good, there has never been a risk of this dangerous situation." Liu Shidong said.

Gansu Province Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of special equipment, deputy director of Liu Shidong introduced the situation

Liu Shidong said that public places, the crowd concentrated area of ​​the elevator has been the focus of supervision, should be strictly in accordance with the rules to monitor. In addition to strengthening the annual inspection system, will be held on October 1, Gansu Province elevator safety supervision platform, mainly to solve the problem of emergency rescue elevator, digital management, and the day the elevator data will be uploaded to the Gansu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Supervise the platform so that regulates seamless.

It is reported that the "2016 quality monthly elevator safety week" activities is 2016 "quality and safety Longyuan line" one of the series of activities. During the event, publicity will be carried out through the dissemination of promotional materials, broadcast videos and other forms of publicity, and the general public concern about the elevator safety issues to provide professional advice. Through the publicity activities, establish the majority of people the right way to use the elevator, to master a certain elevator accident safety self-help common sense, to create a safe ride, civilized ride a good atmosphere.

The staff member sends publicity page

In the activities, the Quality Supervision Bureau staff to issue publicity page, for the public to answer the knowledge of elevator maintenance, cartoon characters to show the image of the pictorial message vividly told people to encounter emergency elevator, how to deal with, image, vivid The way of publicity is welcomed by the public. Elevator safety publicity also entered the Wanda shopping malls, supermarkets, let the masses know how to identify the elevator safety signs, how to safely take the ladder.



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