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With the development of urban construction, elevators are becoming more and more popular. Elevator to bring convenience to the people at the same time, elevator failure problems are often troubled people's lives. Recently, the reporter learned that the city of Quality and Technical Supervision, according to statistics, the first half of this year, the city residents residential elevator failure complaints up to 25, accounting for more than half of the total complaints. Take the elevator process in the event of failure, how to self-help, how to solve the elevator fault problems become the people concerned about the hot spots.

Elevator accident

June 26, the public Mr. Lee in their own unit floor by elevator, elevator running to 5 layers, the rapid decline. Mr. Lee was frightened by the sudden accident. When he was at a loss, the elevator stopped abruptly. Subsequently, the elevator door automatically opened, Mr. Lee immediately from the elevator to come out. At this time, Mr. Lee was found, the elevator has reached a layer.

After the elevator maintenance personnel inspection found that the elevator is the electrical system failure, resulting in ladder. It is reported that the elevator due to failure caused by the staircase usually does not endanger the safety of the ladder. The ladder is actually a self-protection state made by the elevator when the fault occurs. The elevator will automatically open and release the passenger when the elevator is automatically addressed to a certain level below the normal speed.

Coincidentally February 16, Ms. Zhang in their own unit floor elevator, the elevator in the operation of a sudden failure, the elevator door can not be opened, Ms. Zhang trapped in the elevator. Property company personnel linked to the elevator maintenance staff rushed to the scene, only in time to save Ms. Zhang.

Cause Analysis of Elevator Failure

18, the reporter in the city of Quality and Technical Supervision was informed that the city has been put into use in the high-rise residential elevator has 2700.

According to the staff analysis, the city residential quarters elevator problems have three reasons.

First, management is not in place. Some of the city's high-level residential property companies in the daily management of the elevator process, the elevator safety management awareness, there is security problems are not timely. Some units in order to save money, neglect the inspection, resulting in elevator problems into small.

Second, maintenance is not in place. Part of the elevator units to save maintenance costs, often choose to lower than the normal maintenance of the elevator unit maintenance, resulting in elevator maintenance market vicious competition, low-cost maintenance, the quality of the corresponding decline.

Third, the security sense of light. Individual users do not care in the elevator when the elevator, during the decoration, transport sand, cement and other landing into the elevator door to the door, leading to elevator door switch failure; the same time residents living by jumping, jumping, play and other dangerous movements.

Department sound

Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

It is reported that in the first half of this year inspection, law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with the city a new district of the installation of the elevator, the elevator without supervision and inspection put into use. Law enforcement officers were investigated and dealt with according to law.

It is understood that the city has not been introduced on the use of elevator safety and maintenance regulations, leading to the supervision department can not use the elevator business and maintenance departments in accordance with the law, which is the main cause of elevator failure. In order to change this situation as soon as possible, the city of quality and technical supervision departments have made recommendations to the Municipal People's Congress, hoping to develop "elevator safety management approach", the property companies, maintenance department elevator management, maintenance and strict norms to ensure that people take the safety The

City Property Office

City property office staff on the city residential district elevator management recommendations: first of all should increase the quality supervision departments and property industry departments in charge of property services business supervision to ensure that its regular maintenance, and enhance the use of elevator safety responsibility;

Second, the property business companies should employ professional maintenance companies on a regular basis to protect, to avoid the elevator "sick" operation;

Owners in the daily use and decoration of the elevator should be reasonably used during the use of the process found in the matter should be promptly reflected to the property company.



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