Walton elevator tells you: the elevator just a few years on the disease ridden reasons!

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Often the owner complained that the elevator was soon used to deal with the inconvenience of the elevator shut down. As far as we know, the state does not have a clear retirement schedule for the elevator. We have some residential elevator only four or five years will be frequent failure, "frail", what causes it "premature aging" it?
Passenger ladders become easy to digest
According to the owners to reflect, because the district near the commercial street, many owners rented the house to the business, often see the owners will be large bags of goods, through the passenger ladder upstairs, resulting in passenger ladder into cargo ladder, overload serious. As the property management is difficult, the property company quit, the elevator is no maintenance, frequent failure.
Use do not care to exacerbate the "aging"
Elevator failure is frequent, is the "life limit" to it? According to the existing laws and regulations, the elevator has no retirement period, said, as long as the special equipment safety supervision and inspection, can run as usual.
Industry professionals believe that the elevator without scrapping life, but the elevator life and the installation of the elevator, residents use and late maintenance is closely related.
Such as a district 3 units of the elevator, from the installation, the Department of the elevator relative to other elevators, the stability of the poor much worse; late use of the process, some residents of the elevator is not enough care, sometimes after the card, the use of iron bars Forced to break the door. Some people also throw garbage into the elevator, pouring sewage, etc., these acts are so that the elevator into the "premature aging." "The elevator is the mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic components easy to wear, the use of high frequency, parts easily damaged, any small problem is not handled well, it will make it 'illness.'" Elevator maintenance technician said.
Bad money to repair money can not repair in time
Maintenance is not in place, is the elevator "premature aging" another important factor. Many property companies are in the "called the poor", said the elevator maintenance costs are too high, the property simply can not afford, especially in some old district.
At present, Hefei City, a total of 43108 elevators, of which more than 2250 sets of elevators have been used for more than 10 years, these old elevator is mainly distributed in the old city. As in the housing maintenance funds in the absence of a special elevator maintenance fund, so the elevator failure, to replace or overhaul, can only be co-funded by the owners or from the property fee. But because some owners of the views of inconsistent, property charges collection difficulties, in practice is very difficult. Therefore, only the elevator long-term "sick work."
In addition, the technical level of the elevator professional maintenance staff uneven, encounter problems in different ways to solve the problem, also increased the elevator "premature aging."



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