Elevator inspection will have a new standard after the elevator is more at ease!

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September 9, 2016, the elevator special inspection staff in the detection of the safety and quality of the elevator. Upstream News - Chongqing Morning News reporter Hu Jie photo

September 11, the upper reaches of the news - Chongqing Morning News reporter learned from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, is the preparation of the Chongqing local standard "household elevator inspection rules", "elevator repair and repair classification and inspection rules" has been successfully passed the expert review, into the final Approval stage.

Two local standards will be more standardized elevator inspection process to protect the public board safety.

"Household Elevator Inspection Rules" will be the first local standard for household elevator inspection.

"Elevator repair classification and inspection rules" is to further regulate the elevator transformation, major repair and maintenance operations and other operations classified management, testing and testing equipment for special equipment to provide a reliable technical basis for supervision and inspection.

Home elevator

Some home elevators have been used for many years without inspection

"Household elevator inspection rules" by the Chongqing Special Equipment Research Institute is responsible for drafting. Why should specifically prepare a standard for the home elevator? Chongqing Special Equipment Testing Institute of experts support the fierce explanation.

Said that with the sustained and rapid economic development, the public living conditions are getting better and better. Some people live in the houses, villas and other high-end residential, home elevator also came into being.

At present, the Chongqing home elevator inspection method for the commission inspection, and mainly for the installation of inspection. The relevant national standard for domestic elevators only stipulates the technical requirements for the design, manufacture and installation of domestic elevators, but does not involve the corresponding test method.

Due to the lack of appropriate inspection procedures, household elevator inspection inspection of the project has been taken by the user (or installation unit) commissioned or in consultation with the inspection agency to determine the way, but the initiative more in the hands of the user or the installation unit, Making the commission test items arbitrarily too large and have a lot of problems.

At the same time, because the home elevator is not within the scope of the mandatory inspection of the elevator, part of the home elevator for many years, have not tested once, there are security risks.

Support the law, "home elevator inspection rules" will regulate the city's home elevator commission test, the parties involved in the relevant parties to improper behavior, improve the city's home elevator inspection and inspection quality, to prevent and reduce the safety of domestic elevator accidents, Human life and property safety.

A home elevator has at least 60 inspection items

"Household elevator inspection rules" clearly stipulates that the home elevator is installed in a private residential, only for a single family members of the elevator. It can also be installed in a building used by a non-single family as a single family to enter its residence, but the public or other occupants in the building can not enter and use.

Compared with the passenger elevator used in public places, the home elevator belongs to the private property, in the rated speed, rated load, car travel, drive mode, open the door, the use of the environment, supervision and management have a special side.

Therefore, the standard applies only to GB / T 21739 manufacturing traction and forced to drive household elevators, hydraulic drive household elevator inspection.

The standard specifies the installation conditions, test contents and methods, inspection reports and conclusions of the home elevator. Inspection items are divided into technical information, room and related equipment, shaft and related equipment, car and counterweight, suspension and rotating parts protection, car door and floor, no room additional elevator, additional items, And other projects.

According to the standard requirements, a home elevator at least through the 60 test items. For example, any gap between the car door and the floor gate should not be greater than 6 mm. When using a glass door in an elevator, there is a measure to prevent the child's hand from being towed.

At the same time, the standard requirements of the home elevator should be set up car overload protection device, the car load exceeds 110% of the rated load, to prevent the normal start, and the car has an audible or visual signal prompt.

Public elevator:

Elevator renovation, overhaul classification management inspection with a new standard

"Elevator repair classification and inspection rules" by the Chongqing Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute is responsible for drafting. Why should the elevator transformation and overhaul classification? With the rapid growth of the number of elevators, for the implementation of the elevator transformation, repair activities are increasingly frequent, more and more exposed problems.

Some use of units and elevators to install maintenance units, the elevator transformation, major maintenance and maintenance of the definition of understanding is not clear, resulting in not timely construction notice or reporting, to the daily use of the elevator, the test has brought a lot of trouble The

In addition, the inspection staff in the specific test process without accurate basis to follow, can only rely on their own experience to judge, arbitrary large, slightly inadvertently prone to missed, wrong and so on.

"Elevator transformation and repair classification and inspection rules" clearly defined the elevator transformation, repair classification and safety technical requirements, as well as transformation, major repairs related to the increase in the inspection project.

The standard points out that the difference between elevator renovation and elevator repair is whether or not the elevator performance parameters and technical indicators are changed. Change to change, do not change to repair. The elevator repair also includes major repairs and general repairs.

Major repair is mainly on the elevator drive the host and its main components, control cabinet with the same specifications replacement, or replace the different specifications of the suspension and termination device. General maintenance is other maintenance activities that are not subject to general repairs and adjustments for major repairs and major repairs.

Each operation behavior, there is a corresponding increase in the inspection items for the supervision and inspection to provide a reliable technical basis.

Reminder: elevator overload do not squeeze inside again

According to the relevant provisions of the elevator every year to carry out regular mandatory inspection, inspection projects, including 54 major items. At present, the number of elevators in our city has more than 100,000 units. Reporter learned from the Chongqing Special Equipment Testing Institute, from the elevator inspection situation, the elevator inspection pass rate was increasing year by year, 2015, the qualified rate has exceeded 90%.

Chongqing Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute inspector Luo Xuejun combined with the elevator test, introduced some people in the ride when the easy to ignore things, hoping to remind the public.

First of all, the public in the elevator, do not squeeze in a region. Such as in the position of the inner wall of the car. Luo Xuejun explained that this will make the elevator car in an unbalanced state, even if there is no overload, will trigger the overload warning device.

In addition, when the elevator overload, do not go inside the elevator to squeeze. Because the car underweight limit, may be due to overweight inertia, so that the elevator mechanical decline. "It is possible that people have not squeezed up, the elevator to go down. This is very dangerous." Luo Xuejun said.

Finally, Luo Xuejun reminded the public, when the elevator failure, be sure to call the bell by the car for help, waiting for the rescue. Do not break your car door. Because such an operation may damage the car door and the landing of the linkage device, to help increase the difficulties.



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